The man

I´ll try to make a poem of it, writing…and creating you,
make whatever plus your face looks blue.

That is not my father, I can´t put pictures of him since the CIA gave me a note
that said ¨ classified¨ or ¨top secret¨ one of the two.

The man

There is THE MAN, and a legend
wich has no lessened
actually i´ll tell you a story about the MAN

12 years old after the Spanish cicil war,
he worked with a Priest, not me by the way
you know I am not that type of hay,
12 years old and in those days, those days…..
he went from town to town with the Priest and setting
up the movie for the theater, but eventually this 12 year old boy
though, he is not paying me enough for all this work,
so he said to the great priest ¨ You are not paying me enough I need more,
¨and if not I go work to this other guy¨

Just my father.

So why would I be impress hat he has achieved, even with a fucked up son,
I think he still loves me, but that is pussy shit talk. THE MAN.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Histories…. yes sir, special ¨ the man¨ by the way Like button doesn´t seem to work in your blog, you are ¨ antiblog¨ even though I read as much a can, is always interesting the style of writing that I read from one and others.

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