The hater of women

Cropped shot of a businessman looking stressed in the officehttp://

I know I look handsome in that photo, damn, I am a hottie

I did poorly
but yet I´m horny
Shit, Fuck, Shit!
That is me being a drunk bit.

So here I am standing
I should say sitting
With my cool laptop
I just made myself a cool sniffing pop

Point being, sitting in the fucking library,
a girl sits next to me, she is still in front of me by the way,
so me trying to look important ( dressed like a skater, my hat is backwards)
i ask her if she has a pen, her respnse is ¨what color?¨
i say ¨ pink¨ and she actually gives me a pink fucking pink pen.
Now I´m thinking this is my type of girl. Still,
i hate me so I hate that type of bullshit of women,
shit fuck!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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