I was in jail, sorry couldn´t read you

Punks, anyways you can always write, in jail to. I´ll write
a post about this last ¨event¨ now…… hit it!

Self destruction
is my instruction
why and why!!
fuck it
just suck it
can i do better?
because i´m a cool fuck up and a nice one
makes some bad choices
but is not in me to run from crazy nuts
5 comming at me, one with a knife… i have more than one hearts
peace and love….sort of

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. It was just a joke..hold it there….do you sincereley in your heart does give a shit? Maybe yes and maybe no, normally is the latter, so you bring me joy just for freading my crazy things, I really appreciate it,

      i´.m just flirting with you you silly….yep,, i´, drunk as a skunk

    1. I´m good, better that you worry about yourself instead of some strange person in the internet, I guess, I also guess that I can be a Monk and passing myself as a priest.
      Nice comment anyways.

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