See that bitch
She is actually a witch

She put me for trial on abuse charges
And they were dismiss as bullshit imagines

You can´t really see her
That is best even for a fucked up bear

I had 400+ phone calls from this girl,
how in the world do you make 400 and plus phone calls in one day?
A narcissist and sociopath, that is the only thing that I learned in that crazy path,
hard for me to understand, how a person for months will give you bullshit for her
to be comfortable economically. Silly, for me to put up with this shit,
is not always the man I guess is my point. And I just forgot her name, except bitch.

Just a real big bitch, thank goodness I can express it in writing and then forgetting.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. But there is a difference.
      I can punch a guy and no problem, hit a woman you are in deep shit, but she can punch you and probably the judge will decide that you,me, earned it for some strange reason, there is a double standard and it should be adressed.

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