bad women-video

I understand that most of this things happen it´s a great percentage by men.

There is a small group of women, I don´t know the percentage,
and say this crazy things. Wich is devastating to a man, I experience my self,
even if the court and witnesses, say what it really happen and you have
the court papers saying you, in this case me are absolved of the charges brought
falsely against me, you still have her false paper trail.

So fuck you bitch.

It may sound rude, but she is. Actually she still calls me, and today,
she calls me to ask me if I needed money to pay the room rent and she would give
me the money if she could stay…..just crazy, yet again, smart-crazy so answer is NO, you fucked up your life so I´m not going to accompany in your path.

Better run, specially how the laws are here. Better run…. sad.
I won´t back down either for crazy bitches that sooner or later will end up in ditches,
not from me but probably from someone else that they fucked up too much. For me,
when she called today yet again, I had to laugh it out.

Also I felt that men are now a days not giving the nearest Benefit of the doubt,
specially when it comes to these conniving manipulative liar of bitches. So again,
go use your physical sexyness to fuck other guy, but not me, bitch.

So I can definitely be empathic with this young man.
Plus I´m still a flirt and looooove ya

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Charley the truth often comes out but if not you know if your heart the truth. It works both ways, both sexes lie and cheat. Their day will come. Stay sober… are a good man under the surface. Hugs.

    1. I am a good man, and I don´t say that to me,
      I live in a 130$ room with 3 others, the so called landlord, actually speaks with my mother, and when I´m sober you have to see her expression as if saying ¨who is that?¨ Well that is me when I don´t fuck up.
      About the crazy girl, I know she knows the hole planet knows what she truly is. And that is why she called me today or yesterday to give me money to stay in my room, no. She might be diagnosed with schithorenia, but she is smart, cunning, manipulative…. e.t.c
      The people that live with me they thank me that I took the choice to not let her in, the people who love me, tell me I´m an idiot to have been with this woman. And that is the most true statement.

      1. What matters is what did you learn, how you move forward and continue to be a good, not angry at world guy. If you were not being nasty to me it’s hard to tell. We speak different languages, remember.
        It’s perfectly okay and I find very helpful to have affirmations. Your’s could be…every morning “say you are a good guy”, keep faking till you believe it in your heart. If you are pissed I commented we can go back to no contact. It’s your call.

      2. I know I´m a good person, anybody who really knows me know I´m a good person, not perfect, too may fights, have been in jail for agraveted assault, but the doorman was a racist that didn´t want the girl I was with at the time to get into the club, she was and still is a gypsy, so I broke his arm. After he pushed her.
        I don´t fake anything, that is for cowards and I can be other things but not a coward, I have saved liffe´s in the civilian world yet I have also made other life´s miserable from my actions to their reactions..
        That is my call.

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