How do I steal

She stole my ball,
it is a her by the way
fuckers want it your way
it does not happen
right now is almost 1.30 a.m in spain
here goes the game.

It is Saturday right,
you pick up the most drunk as a skunk,

preferably and get all his fucking money,
even he will give you voluntariously his credit card
if you play it just con the guy by different ways

the others are drunk girls, yes women,
so look out for them, the steal guys i mean
you dumb pim pim

and there is literally brute force to be forced upon a human
to get his wallet or give you his ¨pin¨ number, not so sorry for your husband
that´s it, no regrets, police i don´t give a shit, you bitch,
they already have a history on me
so now…. time to go to work.
think i´ll see you you you you alligator

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. Fuck, I was getting bored writing in the blog, not really,
until I got the call, I have to make the money for the end of this month
so you can judge.

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