I´m just smart

See? I can hold to two lighters, one in each hand they seem so much brighters.

I´m just smart… .

I probably unconsciously don´t realice
I should have to write it nation wise

I Will say this
To the 100 degrees

Treat people well, not all obviously, but the ones
You do not want to cut their hands
They feed you
It is in my being to do it right
Apart from what I chose to live my great gruesome might
There is a saying in Spain, or maybe in the other world pain,
¨You retrieve the good seeds you have put in¨ But It comes naturally to me,
Yet don´t be stupid and do it with all humans like cupid

And I´m smart…. I really do it unconsciously
I got paid this month,the social worker woman hates and loves me,
I´m a dummy I know, but not that much, point being is that when people see you for what you are and also what you are capable of accomplishing, so there is the smart.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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