I´m going crazy

I look so normal,
that is a betrayal,
no rhyming,
but the are days,

fucking days
I can´t sleep
tomorrow i have to eat

you shits think is bullshiting munnylly
let me in to your surbuan familly

punks, be in war and come to a shit hole of 130$ month
I´m cold, the good news is that the wáter on my bottle is,
coolder than putting it in the…..refigetore

it is 4 a.m, cant sleep, i want to see the fucking muslim marrocans,
and at least beat the shit out of one, before the whole group comes to his hand,
i did serve and deployed 2 times, and now i live in spain wich is my country,
but overwhelmed in my yes it is mine, county, fuck the fucking marrocan muslims,
even the spanish people are afraid of this fuck heads, truth, ask the mother of one kid that i asked her to have a sight on me as i was crossing the road, she was scared of this muslim maraoccans and took her two Young kids into the vehcle, after i did fight with two of them,only two?
Thank goodness, I´m back to my pent house and now after spending time with spanish people,
we did go after the fucking pieces of shit muslim muslim hibrahim uncording, yes sirs fuck the women, you have to go to the kitchen, you hear!!!!

I´m a terrible MAN.

bitches you end up in ditches, yep,,,,,,,,,, i´m calling for……. fuck i´m drunk. but i probably wake up tomorrow or not wake up since it is 4.30 a.m and have to do shit at 6 a.,,,m.go figure this one out, so my point…..fuck you, and you and the other jew, just a racist i am. so suck my, scam

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,


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