My strange prayer

I thought it would be me
with the dog,
a good breed,
i write
i do others things
like writing more!
so i´m the cool guy to fuck a girl and score
who ever is whatever,
got tired of that fucking around with all
it makes me a perfect candidate to be a Christian,
a bad one though, but I truly believe.
Army days where, when
and I won´t say the dumb word in this line of work of ¨why¨ death,
they shot we shot back
With my time in civilian world, just drunk, stealing, fights,
and that is a small proportion so now i am making things rights.

Mother has cancer, chemotherapy seems to not going well,
my head does swell,
but i did spend almost a week with her and although we have
our differences, seems i´m still her kid, and the better thing
for me and her this week, was me talking to her of my crazy things
but ¨churching them up¨ as the americans would say.
Just her smile, that is only what I wanted, her smile.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Hi Cp one
    Hope your mother is well and hope this comment finds you well!
    You are in my thoughts and prayers today and sending a blog hello to sir spaniard’

    1. Appreciate Miss…MIss? or Miress?.. kidding.
      I do appreciate the comment, and you do know that laughter is the best medicine or one of the best to get a person through rough times. I said to another Blogger that I did spend 6 days in her house, doing the house chores….shit, I´m a feminist, anyways point being that when I tell her my crazy things but as you americans say ¨church up¨, I think is a brilliant saying, and when I see her laugh, that is the best momento of the day.
      I´m quite transparent as you and the others can see, but not all, so that ´hiding´ thing that I church up and she knows, she literally starts laughing outloud. That is good. You never know how long she will last, so I make a point of calling her every day, and really it comes out naturally from me to make her and others laugh, I make my disadvantage work in the other way, funny. They might laugh of what I tell you or do or just laugh at me, point being, I know it and they, in this case mom, has her laughs.

      Long comment right?

      1. Oh you are so right about the power of laughter and even more when someone is sick!mi have never heard the term “church up” before but I think I get how it is being used 💜😊

        And here is a verse for you
        “May the god of hope roll
        You with all joy and peace in believing that you may abound with hope and with power…
        Through the power of the Holy Spirit”
        Romans 15:13

        And that was really nice of you to spend all that time helping your mom!

      2. It is my mom, if she goes to heaven, the last thing I want to remember me and me with her is the laughter, she is a fighter though, so lets put the confidence on that.

        I´m actually going to write what Romans 15: 13 said, I´m a thief.

      3. We are just sharing some great words amigo – and that verse is special to me from 1995!!
        And reminder to you – love ya very much sir Spaniard

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