Just haley

I´m going political and not so radical but, political lyrical
here is my woman, hey yo feminist or bullshit men patriarchs
as the socialists have become marxist.Make me . Debate,
and I would love it. You can´t over argue me. Quite strange since
the blog it is called crazy life….and me the Priest.
Forgot, I am anti woman in power, Hillary the Clint-on,
was once a day that thankfully will not come.

Forgot again, isn´t it horrible for a woman that is, I guess right winger,
to say these terrible things to the great, very efective U.N?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Forgot that post. Seems too many post .
      Thanks for the reminder, I´ll watch again Mrs. Haley, you got a real bulldog there it seems, doesn´t seem, she is there to do the job .
      Where are the feminist now? Walking amongst the muslim community no? No problem against them, but more of the femminist that I always thought to say ” you are great at defending females in your western country so now go to Iran”

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