I´m a racist

Look at that young WHITE pretty kid, that´s me.
I live in town of Spain that, to keep it lightly, is not the best to raise a family.

Friends tell me, ¨don´t go to that part of town¨. My answer, ¨ If I step out of this cool
room I rent for only 130$, they are right in front of me.¨ The fucking muslim marrocans.
They come here, most of them don´t have papers, they get the full benefits of a welfare state,
and then they go to do their job wich is selling drugs, stealing and the rest.

Specially the muslim marrocans, the youngsters are the worst, have the Spanish people scared.
You can ask the mother of 2 kids that is my neighbour.

Spanish people are scared shitless, when moms and dads take their kids to school here.
My rational Friends that made good decisions in their life to have a comfortable life
don´t want to step a foot in this town. So I am basically a one man army. I´m not saying
this to sound cool. I was in the army though and deployed but with friends.
That is probably while I have 3 or 4 scars because of fighting with the marrocans.
Is not in my nature to run away, although it would probably be a good decision to run.
Maybe even more actually, I just stop counting the scars. Weird. There is no assimilation to
become Spanish from them. When I was in the U.S living It was my duty to assimilate
to that culture and not expect that country to assimilate twords me.

Having said that, my best friend is Marrocan, I live with a South American woman,
and they do assimilate to this country and they are really hard working people.

So I´m a racist?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Don’t know where you lived in the US but Miami is 76% Latino and they make no effort to assimilate, rather the other way around. You better speak Spanish or be ignored. That’s why they call us Little Havana . 😊

    1. In a short period, because my grades where good back in the day, I ended up in Friso, or San Francisco. Learned a lot with all those different type of ethnities, I did learn that the people comming form assian countries where the best in school, I did have a guy who tutored me that was asian on mathematics.

      So you are part of the ´Havan Mafia¨, so I wil just shut up then.

      Love ya, by the way I did read you today and it was a good read, like always really.

  2. I wonder, is it posible for you to move to a better city, still near your parents? And with that said. I hope your mother is doing fine.

    1. Neither at this time seesm pausuble and plausible for the second sentence. We´ll get through it, the Marrocans are the least of my problems, just wanted to see how people would react to my writing, we got between me and the marrocans to semit ¨armitice¨ day, specially whith the older ones, this are just punk kids really, so no worries.

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