mammas boy

Yes sirs and women,
I´m a mammas boy,
who women want to have sex with me and then destroy,
you evil………hummmm……
what a turn by the way, I say hey, I really started by trying to write seriously,
but is not seem to came to the reader obviously.
Trust me I have been through the wringer,
I will give you the middle finger,
there goes mamma,
she wasn´t there always ,
since in her eyes and the rest of rational people,
is something i was not wise and try to pull off a fictional disguise.

Now, at age 36, shuuuush! When I try to pick up a girl I say I´m 26,
what a head mix, I don´t even know how old I am.

She just gave me today food, and it was really good.
She has cancer and in this case the roles are reverse,
quite a nice verse,
she is not in the best physical shape obviously
and is also obviously that she might end up deadly,
just the truth,
one thing here I will say, just a mommas boy, love her to death,
and when I say something like that it is the real truth. Got bullets in me
since I chose a military job.

Do not even think that mammas boy will not take up
her legacy, her job of helping others who deserve it, her compassion,her love of life,
her love of laughter, her love for me, she is truly a great and great woman.

Look at her, plus she was sexy! Still is, don´t want to get into trouble, she is probably
the person that I fear most. Look!

second from your left,gorgeous woman, intelligent, she did have a son
that is a fuck head, but I always say that at least I know how to write in my self tought
english, that´s my plus otherwise…..

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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