Murderer last words

There was a man, who had temper in one hand.
After looking around for the man who killed his brother,
found him, and he went insane and it didn´t do him any bother.
People say still he was a terrible man,even if he was dealt a terrible hand.
He killed a man in Reno, he laughed it off, he enjoyed it.
His son pleaded to the Supreme Court that he was a good man-
while sitting down in his comfortable chair.
Electrocution was his ultimate fusion to feel he was with his brother,
The man actually enjoyed it.
His last words before the state hit the switch on, ¨ Hit it!¨.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. I have a cool story to share if you want to read it, you know the slogan of Nike ¨just do it¨so the story goes that this publicist was Reading the news paper when he read about a death row inmate and his last words wich was when he saw the guards hesitating to shoot, expressed himself quite clearly. ¨Just do it¨. Ths is back in the early 19 hundreds, and those words still is their effective slogan, taking from a man about to die, probably and obviously not the greatest of man, but is a interesting story.

      1. Oh, wow! That is interesting. Bet Nike didn’t know that history before using it as a slogan. Not gonna wear that check mark on my chest! That’s so ironic if the logo is set right directly on the heart of the shirt 👕- indicating ”shoot me here, amigos! ”

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