I can´t be weak

It is a conundrum,
with these pieces of shit kids marrocan scandrum,
I don´t want her to suffer more my mother,
I don´t give a shit of the other, my father,
weird and bad right?

Been in army, crazy deployed, yet here I am,
trying to do not things violent,
specially when they throw roks on the windows,
who are now widows,
there are 3 other people in the house,
so I better not lose those mouse.

I can´t let this 15 yearly muslim marrocans unhumans,
to throw roks at my window and then relax, pussy bitches is their max.

It seems that the ¨older ones¨ got my point,
But the kids are rolling their joint.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,


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