Jail time

I´ll be probably out by this morning, have the police standing
around me as of right now. They know me, I know them and their last
police chief that was indicted for stealing the marrocans drugs,
prostitution, and a bunch of things. These idiots know me I know them,
The are actually waiting standing just over me, good news is that
they can´t read english, good news I´ll just spend the night in a better
bed that I have in my cool room.
They know about my past history and unfortunately for them I know them.
After spending almost 5 years in the army, these bitches for me, will
be great in the long run. Family is involved,the ones who I love. Why did they came?
It was an ugly fight with the marrocans, had to pull the knife specially
when they got access to my apartment. I just can not and will not stay back.
How you doing police shit? Those are actually my words to these two idiots behind
me, where are the cuffs? Nope, probably they had a shortage of them.

Stay Frosty gents and gents, forget about women, 😉

These idiots are still standing behind me, that can tell you something.


      1. Been in worst situations tan having 5-7 marrocans trying to rob me, I can deal with it, is ugly but I can´t back down, it is not in my DNA. Actually there is part of the story to this that is funny. Or I´ll maybe post it one day giving it a twist to make it laughable for some.
        I´m not brave I can tell you that, my mother scares me to death ( in the good sense), and I get all frustrated when I´m cooking to name one example. Yet when these things are happening these marrocans trying to brake my door, my hand does not tremble, so there is something wrong with me.
        The first tought that came to my mind, since I do live with 3 other people, don´t brake the door, I called out to the others to call the pólice and got a knife and in a Split second I opened the door got the idiot kid on head lock and put a knife on his throught, he only just cut a Little.

        I think that if we had the 2nd amendment here in Spain it would be nice, just shoot some rounds to the sky and scared they go.

        This is more up close, and not personal. They are the typical Young kids criminals that you find here. Got a court date next month wich I thought it was bullshit, what a present to my niece when she is expecting Santa Clause.

        Doesn´t really bother me this criminal and dangerous kids, come at me and now they got what I´m capable off if they try to rob my house. Simple as that.

      2. Truly. Sounds like it is a case of our American ”stand your ground” action you have to take in order to protect the people you hold yourself responsible for. Can’t win either way, no matter what country we live in. Stay strong my army compare.

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