love of a father

Sorry, I don´t know why this picture appeared.
He does seem to have a grand day.
It was my mother who raised me, she took care of me,
now is my job to take care of her.

When I got basically kicked out of college and the US, yes, I did study there.
I got home at age 19, but not to my parents home so I jumped from job to job,
is not so bad being a bartender…. ya know girls!

I got bored so I joined the Spanish Legion.

My mother couldn´t handle it.
But who was there? The father.

He was born in a family that is not family oriented,to say the least.
You can´t expect more from the man emotionally, but he is truly a genius in his work.

conversation with me and him goes,

ME- ¨hello¨
HE- ¨Are you good?¨
My answer is always that I am good.

Just people. Except this one is a genius. And the fucked up son, he will protect me
and knowing him I don´t know why. Being deployed in the army, I talked only with him,
no emotions as I said before he will just say ¨Everything good?¨, just my dad, a great man.

Hopefully he doesn´t read this pussy shit.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,.


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