Barbara Bush gave me an idea. Her passing is part of life.
As Mrs. Barbara said that¨ we are all going to die¨,
sooner or later, hopefully later. Wich brings me to my mother.
Hard working before she had this beautiful son, no bullshit,
no crying, work, love to a point that is. She did kick me out
of the house at 18 obviously I wasn´t behaving and life tought me.
You rely on you and only you, sense of humour,and more adjectives she
taught me that I forgot. You and you.
Sorry Mrs. Barbara Bush, saw the video of you when still alive and you
made me think of my own mother, she upstage you in my mind. Both great

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. She probably doesn’t read half the crazy things you post! All she must be is proud of you for doing something that makes you happy and engaging.

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