I hate feminist

O shit, that is mom, she does agree with me but obviously not in pubic.

They call for women’s rights
hence we got the fights
writing this in a poem form
for women,sorry, bitches, of not inform
they know how to manipulate
the debate
try one of those bitches to argue me
and with facts you will not agree
so i did use the word bitch
it just gave the writing in my opinion a good glitch
is your motherhood
debate me with facts
and you won´t able to do the reacts
is true for all human kind activism

P.S: I made good Friends. Have no computer until tomorrow,
tomorrow you will see my eyesight reading wrath.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. I really don’t hate feminism nor the women who make up that group, the poem was more to be a bit shocking. I do make this point, that before the feminist movement was necessary for women, but in 2018 it´s just outdated. I can go on and on as to why but this will turn into a dissertation paper.

    1. I think the movement was great in their day, and was necessary, but now is outdated and they seem to come up with any dumb excuse to be this great feminist fighting the big bad system ran by the big bad man.

      1. Of course I remember you Charly, and read your blog when I can, to learn how you are doing. Love that picture of you and your mother. Hope you are good.

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