Individual woman, hate! to feminist

Yep, I´m a mammas boy but I probably have experience most hardships than you,
yes, I did say that. I call them these type….the vikings.
Come to your own conclusions, and you will comment on my or your own conclusions.
There are two, one and the other that this American judge basically gave her what she needed.
Apart from the first one, I can´t comment on the other one without insulting her.
Yes, I hate feminist.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. I cannot really make out the second one (her pronunciation had me confused). But the first one, my, assuming that’s the truth, she is superb! (And for sure she doesn’t need that self-proclaimed ‘supermom’ nonsense). 🍸

    1. I do need a supermom, she has cáncer now so I try to be as helpful as I can be, she is my ¨wonder woman¨.

      The point of the video for me, it showed two very different personalities, the first one a strong woman and the second a not very nice, at the end of the day she did have a refugee status so only for that she should be grateful. And I do not say that lightly, I did serve in the Spanish Legion in Irak and Afghanishit, I know their troubles.

      The other point was against feminist, I judge people, not a group. I´m very much aware that the so called feminist did a great job for voting rights and more, but now is 2019, so for my way of thinking is that they are obsolete.

      Most of the Jobs I had who was my boss and getting paid more, womem. I love them, if they perform good at their job, and other áreas, as will say about men.Not the áreas part…..

      I judge people as individuals, male or female.

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