I´m going to become gay

See? I met my man already. Because women are so nuts that I decided to become gay.
Living now in a world of political correctness, my uncle was gay. He passed from aids.
I and my mother where with him until the end. So that is your fucked detrimental for humanity,
this political correctness.

I figured why not go gay?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. I have no clue right now, I´m not going to read that post now. I´m tired of re -reading my writing which is quite exciting.
      Political correctnes with my late uncle being gay? I´ll get another day to read it.

      And you don´t want me to be in the LGBT, what the fuck is that acronym? You Americans……..
      I´m going off point, you do not for me to be in the LGBTakare the c, since I will give you a bad presence just for being me, so now why don´t you join my fraternity? It´s called…….ME! although was no E at the beginning, our fraternity just evolved.

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