A soldiers duty

Handsome Charles of Priestes, in sunny…. Ibiza!

Been in the army, and I’m also a military history buff of WWII.
So there I was yesterday Sunday night watching documentaries of that era and some general said:

¨A soldiers duty is not to ask why, his duty is to do or die¨

And I thought he was exactly right, it is not a democracy, you are a tool in a killing machine,
and that´s it, just another tool that roles and roles without much space to maneuver
if you don’t want to fuck up the machine completely hence the machine doesn’t does it´s job.
Just talking mostly of the lower ranks level.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. They should have put me as General. Now it too late, I´m out the gate!

      I think I would be good at psychological warfare, I would instruct all the people below me to dress in pink and be drunk and carry a chiwawa dog. That would end the crazy dudes over there. See? I didn´t use our degoratory term we had for them in the Legion, progress!

      Pink from top to bottom, a chiwwawa dog each soldier, drunk as skunks, and chanting to them some cool Spanish songs. Flamenco. End of conflict.

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