The vulnerable

I´m going psychological on you, endure.
Today I felt like a little piece of shit. I felt afraid.
To my dismay, I started watching this guy named Jordan Peterson,
a social psychologist,
who thought there was such a career?
but he is making good money so he can stick it up your rear.
He said that admitting to being vulnerable is actually a sign of bravery,
I thought for it, women don´t want to be around a pussy, nor men,
that is the end.
When asked why so many young men heard his lectures
in my case a 36 years young man….. figure that dumb shit out,
so then lets go about, our day.
Real reason is basic, he makes you feel or remembers you what is truly to be a man.
Sometimes this shit happens to me, the vulnerable me,
but it only lasts one day, I´m just weird.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Hi Charlie,
    You have scared the hell out of me time and time again on here. Still don’t know how, but I figured it was what I needed to grow. Helped me too with your messages and I’ve thanked you. Your messages told me to follow God. So I did … I really did. (I was baptized Catholic and God still knows it.) I started a Bible private study and a few days ago He sent me to the store, randomly, and there you were, in person. Weird, eh? Thought you were in Spain. Or do you have a doppelgänger? I know you’ve said you hate different people on your blog here, women, cops, etc., but it makes no sense to me to hate 50% of the population, or people based on their jobs and I wish you peace. You’ve also said you can forgive. Good! What does it take to forgive ourselves and go on to live good lives? You’ve done some good things. Let hatred go and the team tenseness fades to distant weird memories. I’m here praying for you and others up and down the USA are right now as well. I know you have support big time, but I care about you and want you to find that inner calm. Please do. It’s a good time. Your soul. It is a powerful one, a lion, a General. It can do as it wishes, most anything, with all your military and leadership skills, you are amazing… yet there is a stiffness, a hidden face under a hat. I tend to think God judges, not us. The Bible says it, so I don’t judge the amped up God squad, or the evens or the odds. We just each want to have our time to be and grow, to learn from our regrets, to quit smoking, etc.

    Do the beautiful thing: let God sort it out. He is no rookie. We are all vulnerable to God. He reminds us when enough is enough, that we are all at His mercy, that vengeance is His, regardless of our choosen church.

    Go with God. He is no joke, no Joker. Sorry for the long ramble.


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