I´m a racist

Today, hitting with post after…last one this one.
I can read you later since I am the innovator and creator.
Debate me, WHITE PRIVILEGE. I get bored so debate me, noooow!
I did see a cow, flying.
I had to laugh at the first woman on the video, you disagree with me?
Then you got the card of WHITE PRIVILEGE. I did heard a word or swords?

Personal Responsibility.


  1. What I know of the concept of white privilege is what I learnt while studying social work. It’s the eradication of indigenous peoples cultures by way of colonisation. Maori people here in New Zealand were over powered and forced to assimilate to the British way of life and societal structures. Through this process Maori were expected to conform to this new way of life. For generations Maori were not aloud to speak their language in schools. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that the government started to include more aspects of Maori culture/language into the school curriculum. So from my perspective white privilege does exist and this is coming from a white guy. We never had to lose our land, identity, language, culture and way of life. White privilege is taking those things for granted and not realizing the inter-generational pain and trauma that indigenous people carry with them. That goes for Native Americans/Maori/Aborigines and all indigenous people who have at some stage been under colonist rule. Just my 2 cents on the matter. Peace.

    1. Peace is a relative term. I see your point.
      Being from Spain in our great history of the ¨encruzadas¨ we basically killed a lot of indegenous people, It seems we did progress. I can´t and I don´t want to change your mind since it never happens with people mostly, I can argue validly this video.. As I said before, there is a progress in society, what our ancesters did is…the word says it all, ancestors.

  2. Hi Charly: Hope you’re doing well.
    If you live in a world where no-one has any privilege at all (very unlikely) perhaps then you could argue that there’s no such thing as white privilege. But if you think rich generally people have more privileges than poor, sighted people more than blind, able-bodied more than disabled, why would you question whether there is white privilege? I’m in Canada, and I have no doubt that whites – and white males – have more privilege than others. For example, all of our prime ministers have been white with blue eyes (yes) and all but one have been male.

    1. I´m not going to get political with you, except to say that if all your prime ministers you have had have blue eyes…. bunch of hotties there.
      Margarette Thatcher also had blue eyes.
      O.K, a bit of politics then, I can give you a list of all black people who where born poor and are rich, my father is white but was born poor and doing well and he is a male, my mother could have been also in a great business but she decided to raise me, other woman decide not. White privilege…. I just don’t see it, if you don’t give me concrete examples.

  3. We’re using two different definitions of the term privilege, Charly. I am black and disabled, but I can give you at least three privileges I have that others don’t benefit from. One of them is the acceptance and welcome I get from being Christian in a Christian-dominated community.

    Depending on our context, we all have privileges, and in many Western countries, to be white and male is to have a privilege that others don’t possess.

    Have a great weekend and keep writing your poems. It’s finally spring here in Canada and the sun shines….

    1. You said it, ” Depending on our context, we all have privileges”, it´s not all that black and white, we can even brake it more.
      Sun shines….. enjoy!

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