I finally emptied my great poetry that I had in WordPress, just posting, why?
I have my reasons belive it or not. This was the fourth post in a day.

is what i gained
by you
you are a bitch thinking you are not seen in the iglu
doesn´t take a big bad bear to see and hear you
i got my hands
they are not pretends
i heard a crack
it was just your neck snap
after i just took my morning snack

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. They don´t know enslish…. I don´t know how but i deleted two comments, in one comment you ask me how i knew that i broke his arm?
      easy, is not the first time i hear the snap of a bone. I did hold him for about what it seemes long, really it was seconds. Like that idiot trying to get out of me 20 bucks, i have encounter some, and my reaction it is the same, either you knock me out or i do, this time was the arm but knowing the pólice here, i´m good to go tommorrow and visit mom, so the mom thing is quite important to me and the other idiot Will come after me sooner or later but that is me and me, i did chose to be their friend, now i deal with the consequences

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