Politics makes me laugh

I´m not a political person, the name of the blog it is called Crazy Life.
Once in a blue moon I get into politics, I just know how these type of people function,
here in my cool socialist country of Spain…..I can even walk right now to the drug dealers
that are stationed outside my house and tell them that give me ¨that¨ for free….
Even these nutcases ( I include myself) know there is nothing free, they are capitalist!

Jesus….. Ocasio Cortez, the worst part is that you probably believe it in your heart.
And that is more dangerous than just other normal bullshit politicians say,
but the video did make me laugh.
I should make a video of me now that we get into it, Charly´s world .
That´s a hit. So since I live in a very nice town, I will actually go now
and tell my good hearted handsome friends selling candy if it is free….But if I return to this room
with my face looking like the weird dude of Notre Damn, is the fault of Cortez.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. Hahaha. And I’m the activist who does the same, in letters and emails to them. Whether they listen, or follow, though, is up to them.

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