What´s wrong with you women

Been in the army, Spanish Legion.
I´m a hero.
I did two deployments, the second one we had to volunteer,
strange in the eyes of Americans, you put your hand up and you got paid 3$ thousand a month.
Having said that, I´m obviously not the brightest
but I will always be a mammas boy, she kicked me out at the age,18, evil.
Time to grow up….. sort off, funny thing is that I have experience things in my life that,
you will never do or see and glad about that, but still a kid at the same time.
What is wrong with certain women that is,
My mother raised me,
I´ll probably always be her kid,
but later on there are some type of women,
that it seems they like to fuck me, you want a daddy? You want a kid?!!!!
Holy sprit, but obviously I can´t complain.


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