Twitter executives

Everybody has an agenda. Twitter has obviously a big platform with their agenda.
That agenda is their politics and everything involved around that. It is a private company though,
so even if I don´t agree with their algorithms, I think the algorithms are made by humans…..
They can easily be charged in a court, a court that is fair. But life is not fair.
If you don´t like it , just get out of twitter since I found out another platform trying to compete
with Twitter.I can be smart and since in twitter you will get thrown out for not adopting an extreme
left political position I will use it for my crazy poetry. Be smart,or live what I believe in?
There is a line in the middle for the two objectives.

Just a smart thought as I woke up and I made it short and simple, you should thank me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. I´m a free thinker, modern educcation…..I only know what I know and a part from the story is listening to my randmother and mother that have no cool school or highschool or ……. it´s just obvious at least for me, and I am selling drugs so if you want to buy 1 killo of cocaine only for you is 1$. You like the response Mr. J the Alfred

  1. This give contact give to new reader and learn reading and writing the views.That give to read and write which a human inner whether he has writing skill or not but nature is talktive and want to expose the thinking a human have.Although the given rule and regulations give restrictions but a human to move.Politics with Truth make true path to make Truth history remain for generation.But negative side isLie yellow politics base on false story making which create wrong path for human and society.That wrong path lead Lie history which destroyed generation.

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