thank you wordpress people

Hello, and thank you. You have become part of my life and also in a sense that
you are my psychologist. I just have to write it and I have a platform to express me.

I basically did this to my own self on purpose so it can´t get more weird.
My head process said, ¨if you don´t have money you are not going to smoke, you
are not going to drink, and other shit dumb ass¨. I did fucked up again so I own it.
This process went goes inside my head head,
I literally want me with no money, although having a house and internet
is great, but everything ends at the same time. If I want.

I just wonder to myself, I literally spend the rest of my money on cheap wine.
I want to drink it today and see how I function tomorrow. Hard? You bet.
Angry, tremors,but I did leave some cigarettes…. angry, and angry towards me.
Or not, just put a fucking fake smile on my face It happens to me.

Thank you WordPress followers.

Jesus, it seemed I was wrting a death letter befor I jummped a real cliff.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. I am sorry for the way it sounded. Please accept my apologies. Some people start of a post like that and to say they are leaving or going self hosted only to disappear. I meant nothing malicious behind it and I am not cruel or mean like that. It’s not my practice to demean or say things to make others feel bad. Sometimes what is in my head doesn’t always translate into what I am putting out on the keyboard. Once again I am really sorry.

    1. You stupid fat fuck, have you read you´re own writing? Selfie here, selfie there, talk about your day….do I care? Don´t comment to me in that way, I Will find you. That is not a threat it´s a fact.
      Piece of fat shit girly dirty man…….Now I feel better after saying that.

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