You dirty muslim

Omar I love you, this man that is Marrocan he has known me since I was

that little,(Not all moroccans are muslim, got that but a bunch and nothing wrong)
I know his son and after I got 3 or 4 scars in my face from this shit town,
from the moroccans selling drugs. A nice person it´s Omar´s kid. He is a hardworking boy,
he is 18, and he literally grabbed the neck of another moroccan and the other bitch went
two feet above the floor, nice to have those kind of friends.
Both father and son are respectful to my mother( I wonder why) and
that is most important. But the kid, I saw him the other day here in town. Lets go down!
Sorry…. had to rhyme.
A big fat smile on his face to see me and I just grabbed him and held him. Nice kid.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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