sobering up

It´s a fact
Hard as hell in my body and specially brain
But at the end I will gain
Like the time in my life wasn´t in alcoholism time with this pain
It will take me time
Even if I´m broke mentally I´ll take that dime

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Dear Charly….I known you for 5 years o wordpress. Yesterday I got the phonecall from my boyfriends best friend, who told me that me boyfriend died yesterday, My boyfriend was a guardia civil. A hero like you. I´m going to stop blogging, but I wnat you to know that I hope everything turns out well for you and your mum. Hugs from Lotta

      1. Thank you. Hewas the love of my life and I´m completely devastated. He desided to end his life and I feel hopelessness and guilt. I see all kinds of signs and what I should have done, and didn´t do. I´m so incredible sad. He was a wonderful person. Thank you for writing.

  2. 🍫you know chocolate mangoes and coffee- my addiction, and feels good, i wish for you the best you are cool person

  3. Good for you bro, if it means anything I’m proud of you. I have great respect for a person that keeps your outlook when facing something I know is extremely difficult. But it sounds like you’re already up to the challenge.

    Just remember, you have friends to talk to and help. If you want someone to talk to, email me my email address is on my blog I’d be happy to help.

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