why do you love me?

but why?
why do you love me so much i ask
granted i pay for your stuff,
and you always make noises like ¨huffff¨
i give you some little hugs and kisses here and there
for you it seems the world
and you grab your heart and curled

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

    it’s truly amazing the love and devotion of a doggie 🙂 … ours brings us so much joy and happiness 🙂

  2. We had to put our Old Man to rest this past November at the age of 18 years (Jack Russel mix) and has left our boxer (10 yrs) lonely and more attached to our hips. That unconditional love and affection of our fur-kids is priceless and a true treasure to be enjoyed and not overlooked. Give your little Tina some scritches from us Patriots.

    1. She´s an English Bulldog living in Spain and I´m Americanize her as you can see the picture with the American flag bandana, I might send her to you Patriots so she can expand her horizons.
      I just saw pictures in Google of Jack Russel mix, cute little devils. Small dogs normally live longer.

      We got Tina since the two Bullmastiff dogs we had died 2 years ago, I was there when the male took his last breath and colapsed dead, mother was all histerical as you can imagine so I stood there with ¨Bully¨was his name, he dead on the ground and he looked so peaceful, it was almost a thank you God since up until that last breath he was breading hard, just really suffereing and we had the debate as a familly of utanasia the dog, I said no, that maybe he could come out of it but months later when his sister ¨Daisy¨ was suffering we did decide to put her down. I still remember that hour + with Bully dead next to me, me petting him until the ¨grave man of dogs¨ came to take him away. He just looked peaceful.
      So my mother likes these dogs with ¨flat¨ faces, me and my father got Tina for her.

      1. The peace they find following a battled end does help say goodbye. Our Old Man had lost his ability to walk in his rear end, after going blind and deaf years before. We had to carry him everywhere, and his last week, he spent wimpering with pain and it wasn’t fair to keep him suffering bc we weren’t ready to really lose him. Holding him as he passed has been the bravest thing I’ve done, and this is coming from a combat veteran.

        Tina is welcome State side any time…plenty of Patriots willing to humour the little girl with some good American country land. We’ll have her chewing logs, splashing in creeks and chasing fish, and laying around with the best of ’em.

      2. Where did you serve?
        And I´ll be sending Tina over there for a lesson, but don´t show her how to shoot the M-4 you have or M-16? Just pure talk, I don´t want her comming back home gun blazing at me, at others yes but not at me.Already had too many of those.

      3. Tina’s loyalty lies with you. I think she would protect you to extreme if another were to intend harm on you. She couldn’t resist, it’s built in with her love.

        Navy – Radioman – Desert Shield/Storm. Only regret is getting out, but I was still young with a tinge of rebellion left in me. haha

      4. She doesn´t fight, she first barks and then hides behind you…..but at least she gives you a heads up so you can prepare.

        I hate ships, I was Spanish Infantry, and they can´t pay me enough money to live months on end in one of those combat ships. To tight and I don´t know how to swim in case the ship went down….I´ll end up way down. Plus sharks, ugly creatures. You give me a raidio and I´d probably would be messing around with it not knowing sending weird messages to the enemy, although it could be considered as a form of psychological warfare if I can find an upside argument……
        And we may not be all that young now but we certainly can still have a bit of rebellion on us.

  3. I’ve been thinking about getting a dog for that same reason (They give unconditional LOVE) 🙂
    It would be good to have a little companion 🙂

    1. They give unconditional love, plus they are fun (most of the time) to see them do weird yet annoying things and play with them, they distract you and make the day a bit more brighter.

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