You want
You see
It is for me
i pay
not even in bed
out off here crazy ass
that is me to harrass
no?crazy ass bitch
he does write that sayigng hithch
you did gave me something to write… ha ha, fucking bitch, you wanted a me to….. go figure,
nothing good for sure,
have nothing real
i have
you give me crazy ideas to follow
in woooollow

tired of my own bullshit but thqt was true, pisssans.



    1. It meat now that I read it, it seemed I was drunk as a skunk and it also means that in that mental state (and not that mental really…so I´m mental!) I just write and hit the Pulish button wich is kind of weird. But you did laugh, so there must be a meaning to my craziness.

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