read you latter alligator( My weird tribute to my mother)

alligator…..just had to express my self to you,
you do a good work in keeping my mind,
have been in the army and deployed, so sometimes i do,
find myself annoyed.
First I called my mother, but always with a positive side,ride!
she does not know my aggressive side. I do have maybe a sneaky suspicion
that she actually might have known that I do call her talking really about bullshit,
I also have the real sneaky suspicion that she doesn´t really know how far I can go….
but if she does know she knows that if her voice comes up it calms me down,
so just hearing her voice calms me. Go figure this woman.Or me.
Latter I write in this blog, it also calms me.
I saaaaid read you latter you..people? Because I want to learn.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Still keeping it frosty, I see.
    Probably the most passive aggressive love letter I ever read… You sweetheart.
    How the devil are you, Chucky?

    1. Nice to see you around Mr.Game.
      Doing good, my left hand is probably broken though but my face intact fighting 2 guys.
      But it was a lovely read though.
      So how are you most important, making millions?

      1. Not doing quite so well, yet.
        I’ve been living on the Gold Coast, Australia for the last 2.5 years, still in construction (project manager), but working hard on my Henry Game novel. I think it will be ready for submission in the next month or two. Super excited.
        This is why I have deleted all of my old posts. Had to scrub the content. But the novel is way beyond anything I have written before and utilises a lot of my old story arcs.
        It is next level shit, brother.
        Why you fighting?
        Are you still in Spain?

      2. Looking forward to reading the novel.

        Why I fight? The pólice in this town is corrupt and not because I say so, the ¨Chief¨ of this local pólice shit forcé was found guilty of taking the drugs from the Marrocans ( that the whole town is filled with these idiots selling and stealing) then the Chief of pólice was found guilty of prostitution where he was the one who was in charge of the operation exploiting these women, and the list goes on. I myself have been hit by one of the officers.

        So since I got a Little tired, I just dealt and probably continue dealing with these criminal Marrocans, which funny thing that I´m writing about them and I just received two calls from them and they were not to tell me to have a nice day as you might expect. The day before yesterday was the day I put to sleep their BOSS, so my guess is that the little tropos are not happy.
        Since the pólice as I said are a bit corrupt to say the least, I decided to fuck them up, all up including the pólice.
        What is the worst thing that can happen to me? Death, I laugh at that. So as you can see in my beautiful country of Spain…… I might go with the Aussies, sunny place nice looking women, sharks…., but you can still function without a leg.

        Glad to hear from you Henry.

      3. Mi amigos, sounds crazy, loco crazy, and you are certainly crazy enough to come through it.
        Just try not to get yourself locked up, in there you’ll only spiral and be worse off than if you never tried to fight them in the first place.
        Fucking Morrocon cunts.
        I hate the cunts.
        Henry would kill the lot of them for sure, but then be willing to move on and away from the mess behind him. Not so sure you could do the same with your familia still living there.
        The book is so close now…
        Make sure you are smart about how you go about your business.

      4. You said it Mr. Game. Make sure how I go about my business.
        How in the world did you know my familly is here? Doesn´t matter. But the guys do disserve to be destroyed. Battle mood now.
        More important…….Send me a copy of your novel if you could.

      5. You must’ve told me somewhere along the road. the book: when it is ready, mi amigos, and not a moment too soon.
        Kill ’em, ayyy

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