Spanish election day

Attention please, be at ease, it was election day
it seems like a replay,
the socialist will win with the support of the extreme left,the independent parties,
parties and more parties, even the ¨animal lover party¨as I call them got votes enough
to put people in our senate, jeeesus, these people will vote on how Spain is goverened…
by pigs!They are a party that supports animals, that is their basic platform, so they
must like pigs, I couldn´t even count how many parties there are….
so we are fucked, wouldn´t it sucked if in the U.S the government made decisions
for their people when they are in the pocket of another party that doesn´t want to be a U.S State?
Socialist, anarchist and independent- that don´t feel like Spanish will run Spain
what in the world happened to the SPANISH KINGDOM….what happened to those good old days?
their mixed up in a bunch of hays.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Do you really think, that the voting happens legally? I always thought, that it is a bit tricky👉

      1. Makes me think of Trump and i cant believe, that people really voted for him😔

      2. You people still can´t let it go. You wanted a special counsel, got Muller. You get the Muller report and since it doesn´t fit your way of thinking now Muller instead of being your idol now he is somehow corrupt, so now you Will want another report and until you don´t get the report saying that there was a collusion of Trump and Russia you Will want more reports.
        I know you probably have a good heart but it´s dangerous for a democracy when people who didn´t vote for the person who got elected as president dismiss him and want to throw him out. That is more of fascism.
        American people were tired of the failed policies of Obama, and here comes this new fresh guy so they voted for him. Or are you telling me that all those people were some robots that the Russians put in the U.S

        Still love ya buy the way

      3. Wow, thank you for explaining me so well, i was never good at political view😏why you shouldn’t love me huh?😁🤸‍♂️

      4. Seems looks like they are, well i think soon i will look in to the womens😏😁

      5. I was just looking into your blog to make sure the gravatar matched, you´re obviously a good looking woman, sexy, smart, you look very nice in the post called ¨More Positivity¨ I can see how some guys can be intimidated. I just don´t have that problem.

      6. I doubt you need confidence, plus I see it´you write in Russian…… I know now why guys are intimidated by you if your ¨parterner¨ is Mr. Putin, I just call him Vlad, we´re Friends.

      7. Father is it late, i have to sleep, thank you for a cool talk😎my favorite priest ever😝

  2. This is the way the leftists/socialist/commie sub-society operates. They’re often in academia, local government (libraries, social agencies and affiliated), etc. They’re trying to gain a majority through all means possible, including those both legitimate and illegitimate. Poor governance is still made at these levels, despite a Republican-based presidency. They promise to bring everyone down to the same level (except their elite, of course… Look at Pelosi, for instance), promoting it, falsely, as utopia. It can’t work. Doubling minimum wage, for instance, will put many small businesses out of business, as well as cause prices to rise. Hyperinflation, I guess. Like what has happened to Venezuela. The only way to counteract this is to educate people on the consequences, despite the illusory “feel-good” platforms people might base their emotional decisions upon. Good post, Charly. Hope you speak more about this, like how it’s affecting Spain.

    1. The left in the U.S is really working slowly but surely towards being openly socialist like here in Spain. They´re the Trojan horse, if you don´t wake up their tentacles that spread through the media, printed and t.v, academia is a great part of their weapon, and obviously think tanks, businesses, wealthy individuals like Zorros who do you think this Wall Street movement started or for that matter now Antifa, they are very well organized (actually Bernie is a proclaimed socialist as well as AOC) . I know this since I have lived in a socialist country for a long time.
      Pelosi…..she´s the great fake but people vote her so go figure. Socialism does not work, look at my own country were the norm is for people my age in the mid 30´s and more to live with their parents since they don´t have enough money. To open a business they tax your ass off, so people are not going to spend more to start a business to make money, it´s pure logic. This means that the economy is stagnant or in our case going south. Here if you make 900$ a month you are riding high. I make just barely to have been able to get a Little bedroom in a nasty town that is, full of criminals but I know how to deal with those from past experiences, point being that me making less than the average 900$ a month, and I say average not lightly, we do call that average. You are lucky if you get to be what we call a ¨ mil eurista´

      Here in Spain we lost again to the socialist, communist (really communist) and the indepentist since they form a cualition to govern.

      You are right, you have to do a battle not only of ideas but also of message. That is why I feel good about the US. Trump is great at delivering the message and for that message to get into the psyche of the people. Repetition repetition carries conviction, and Trump apart that his policies are truly working ( I didn´t expect that) is great at a key component to battle these nutty socialist, which is more through the message wich carries information. You have to add value to that person through information. It sepes in subconsciously a lot of times. But that is the only way to battle the growing socialist movement in the U.S and Trump again is great for that.

      P.S That was a long comment, anyways I come from a family that is involved both in Spanish and American politics so I know this things up and down and sideways, I also have a blog called crazy life and write or attempt to write poetry so I try to keep the politics out.

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