pulling the trigger

(just going through old notebooks and found this weird poem)

It´s a 2 pound and 3.2543 decimal pressure numbers
wich is kind of boring reminders
If you´re out of the U.S you go to metric conversion
wich makes almost a philosophical paper dissertation
Take your stance,
slowly squeeze
and make the romance.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. You learn it in basic training, slowly pulling the trigger and breath control, but throwing that word out was more to not make it all that weird for people who have no idea about the little basic thing as pulling a trigger. Does it make sense?

      1. Yes, it does. But remember, as I’ve said before – “For those who do not know, there are not enough words. For those who know, no words are needed.”

  1. Guns and romance don’t compute with me, Charlie. Some guys however “get it”. As for the math …. I need a calculator. I still don’t get the metric system.

    1. How many feet is one meter?
      Guys get it, that is why we are guys, higher testosterone. I figured just yesterday that man and women think and compute things differently, are physically different, and we are, we are in general different. And thank goodness for that.
      Remember it is a poem so the ¨romance¨ was my license of creativity, plus it rhymed.

      1. Charley, you are something else! Of course man and woman are different …. thank heavens! I think there are 3 feet to one meter? I dunno. I told you I really don’t know that system at all. Aw, yes, we mustn’t forget that a poem rhymes. Cool beans. LOL

      2. Just in case you were one of those radical feminist that say women and men are equal, no we are not equal. Women are better at certain things than men and men at others than women (not too many by the way), we like different things we think differently that is not equal, heeeeeeell yes! 😉

      3. Read what I said again, Charlie. I said YES woman and man are different and this is GOOD. No way am I a radical feminist. I want to be treated like a woman cuz I am one. 😘

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