Thinking out loud

“I see the sky is blue”
Looking up and I see is true
¨Wake up at 5 a.m and write¨
Did it with quite the might
¨I don’t need a drink¨
Feeling like a king that can really think
So….. If I think out loud accompanied with other things,
Some neuron in my head seems to be listening.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Yes, I can only write in the morning. I can in the afternoon but it just more tiring for me so my thing is early morning. And I can relate to you, my head is most clearest in the morning, I write much more and I think better.

  1. I think you have had som rough time the last years. I can see it through the way you write and talk. But you are still alive. The brain is a tricky one. And demons inside certainly are. Lurking in the dark. You think they are gone. But there just waiting to get you when you relax for a second.

    1. I´m actually doing pretty good, no demons, no BS. Life is tough, just tough it out. Nothing any other person doesn’t deal with on different levels that is but all people have struggles. That is what makes or brakes people. I´m happy in general that I know.

  2. 5am clubsters perform well at that hour for some reason the struggle is real however hope is also !

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