The Crazy Priest Philosophy in life

Ben Stiller, great commedy actor and I was watching yesterday one of his movies. For about 20 minutes.
To summarize it, it was a dark commedy about this 40´sh year old man that has a stable job,
son going to the university,good wife, but he asks himself what has he really done with his life.
He´s miserable right?

I ask myself, what have I done with my life. I´m blessed. I´ll keep this short and to the point.
I have been blessed with the art of writing, which I´m pursuing day in day out today. Yet I screw up.
(when I say the words ¨srew up¨ I´m talking about my alcohol addiction¨)
The novel I´m writing takes forever. Forever and a half.
Through hard mental work I´m sober for now. Interestingly some american pshychologists,
consider alcohol-drug addiction a mental problem.Don´t know about that but maybe.

My body is a wreack, literally, start from the pancreas,liver,back pain,arthritis on my left hand,
two throumbus near the heart so I walk 50 meters and I´m tired, and… there are more but I forgot.

Trying to keep this under the 300 hundred words. Which probably Will fail.

My mother did kick me out when I screwed up in college, so
I joined the Spanish Legion. I´m proud of that. With the bad and ugly.
I have had any kind of job you can name, name one, I probably have done it. Even homeless
I´m proud to have my little room in a bad town, full of criminals and I was one of them once,
got out of that life and I saw the world of writing, I´m proud of that too.

I´m proud to re engange with my familly, proud to write, proud to live happy, proud to
get up early do the little exercises I can with my ¨great body¨, hey that is ladies!
you had to see me in my prime….wooooooosa!
I´m just proud of the big things like having spent 5 days literally braking my back to get
my mothers big garden fixed since she wants to sell that house so obviously the better it looks
the better. Proud to have been with her through her almost death experience with cancer.

I never thought at one point I was going to make it until 25, passed that, and at 30 whith the pancreas
they put me in a induced comma, after I seemed to survive I asked the nurse point blank
what where the chances of me living. She said 50-50, got it. No worries really.
But I am proud of living in a shit hole, living and writing in a computer,
,familly and 5 friends that I have.
More than enough for me.

I couldn´t watch that BS movie of Ben Stiller. Tell me a joke, Jeeesus.
And where did the fucking proofread in WordPress go?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. You are certainly about the most honest writer I’ve ever read!! I understand you ‘go off the deep end’ sometimes, but I like you, Priest. Keep up the work!!

    1. Hi there GP, the honest thing I don´t know if it´s going anywhere, we got to make money out off this writing, so the real good funny and full off twist novel I`m writing, I don´t know if people can see the fictional novel and me….
      About that shit post, it is the truth, that is probably I live in a town full of marrocan criminals and I do chant them Little chants from the spanish legion ( and they are all obviously illegeal immigrants selling dope) so I Will purposefully go and fuck with them, sorry for my language but they make a better point…..pissed off at this idiots. I did fight this nuts, me and my other nuts, loved them my nuts, two of them gave their life for me since belive it or not I was in charge of a squad, in spain being 5 people including me, i made the choice they died, but for that time i was quite versed in history and specially military history, that being in the U.S I was, so i started as private , and balls, they saw that the superiors or at least my sargeant at the time (would be interesting where this guy is now) the others, I know where they are are , 2 in the cementary the others just living.
      My decisión, why? I can tell this guys to go to hell and would do it, sounds strange? No worries it does, but I do not know why I get ¨bigger¨in those extreme really situations, it happened 4 times in civilian world also. You said a key word ¨Honest¨, the answer is not that honest, I post half….I post 0…3 of what real things happened to me. Kind of weird by the way, but this platform even if one person really reads it, it is an outlet for me.

      That was a long comment

  2. Hello my frosty friend, I too, appreciate your honest writing.
    And yes, the “proofread” function seems to have disappeared. It’s a challenge for us where English is not the native language…

    1. I´m drunk as a skunk of scuk…or fuck it, you saw the quote bellow this great post, there ya go, lova ya by the way, your capturing art, that i know, so now…..o.k, the proofread, fuck that, you and who wants to read me well good, if not, also good
      it is your native language, but you speeeeeek it bery language plus you are a great photogrhaxh you know what i mean, beeeeeeeeeeeeeen, good person, good artista, enough.

      love ya

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