fuck you

Here we go,this piece of shit, fuck…. computer goes baddy on me.
I´m gong all over the mentality crazy planet.
I learned….some time ago people are not stupid.
Computer is my life-or not,ya know!
I´m a hero, been and deployd twice in th Spanish Legion,
Tercio De Jan De Austiria, which for the weird Americans, it´s a batallion.
I say, hey, out of the other 4 units of the Spanish Legion, this was the most crazy,
hence the title of the blog, goona see now my mommy, drunk as a skunk, but we´ll manage it,
to créate a stable environment.
Other, I love writing,I´m importanting
What the fuck is with this proofread,nothing it seems. Fuck you.
I do realice I use curse words, just to make a point really, writing, piss you off, don´t care.

Love ya.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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