fuck hearts and minds, truth

Going to keep it short, not the brightest I know me, In army I thougt,
don´t tell my mother that. Here goes the video if you want to watch it.
3:34 am… I´m watching too much of this…..normal people bore me, even the
drug selling guys bores me,that is why I want a fight, they see me and pass…even the other kid idiot,
which his friend stabbed me, bored, also the hores, just making friends

Stay Frosty gents and getesses.


    1. I would be dumb if I told you, how are you that is more important…productive member of society and all, that is what is important, how are you?
      I answered your question already…. I thought I was going to be smarter,
      How are you Michelle? Very nice name by the way.

      1. Your sense of humor always makes me smile. I’m doing great! Life just keeps coming at me and I feel like a boxer bobbing and weaving a lot! 🙂 Thank you Charly 🦋 Have a wonderful day

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