Through my life I have been quite good at adapting,
now I´m writing,
now I should not drink
now Is not time to blink
I have no idea what will happen next month
It is what it is that I made it is,
I know one thing, adapt.
Is it easy when the possibility of no money and homeless?
Obviously not,I got chocked by me with a knot, so time to adapt.

Stay Frosty gents and gentess, better count now by blessings,
In my disorderly little room I just found 10 euros, that made the day.
I can eat spagetti and meat, I have a computer for now, I´m pretty good overall
compared to others, and when things go really bad, adapt.Time to go to work.
Could put the work earlier really, do I just want to test myself? Push the limits?
To hell?


    1. I just read your latest post, nice insight. Funny we both wrote of similar things, mine is real that is the bad thing, but your post was very well thought out I think. Nice meeting you Newtan.

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