battle of the minds(100000,sorry. 1,oo! 8 two words)

I did in my early years study in San Francisco, which we Spaniards conquered.
Anyways the point is, philoshophy, I did argue in
that class after studying 3 philosophers with their 3 great philosphies
(no proofread so my guess there´s just one grammatical error), that war was
good and killing civilians was necessary. Did I believe that at that time?
Up to you, you yes you and you,no ……. Obviously all the students said it was terrible,
to me it was boring to argue that, so with this 3 great phylosopehers and 3 great phylosphies,
I argued war was good and killing civilians was not good but necessary. Complex argument, so
not to bore you…..debate me! I´m fucking bored, today I read, wrote the novel that not even my mother
is going to read, so debate me!!!!! Get some adrenaline out of me or I´ll just punch one of this idiot
selling drugs marrocans I have right now outside my window.
Just a weird thought that came to mind, and of course I had to share it.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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    1. War has happened from the existence of humans, I have been part of two, and it Will keep happening for sure. Humans, my war now is against the ¨local pólice¨ They are a corrupt bunch, not saying that lightly, his CHIEF of pólice did went to jail. Today a knock on my door, I Heard the boots comming up, I knew. Three polica municipal just harrass me, priod. They think they can search my house with out me saying no, obviously. I did find funny when the pólice woman called the neighbour and asked him if there was yelling from my house, the neighbour said no, he said the truth. But they got me on their radar obviously, so I got them on mine.
      Sorry bitches, that is not normal, I have been in The SPANISH LEGION, funny thing the pólice, local pólice that is, while I´m doing as I´m taping him in my great phone, touches his grutch, just put his hands in his balls as if saying I got you. No, sorry, you are just a piece of shit, and then I got you when from the army I have quite some Friends in posirations like LA GUARDIA CIVIL, and those don´t tolerate your bullshit, specially against a guy that was in my army days of keeping them alive.

      War…. it comes in all forms, personal war is combat and doing and seeing death, here are other wars.

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