1. I thought it was fun and true.
      At the end of the day women really don’t want a ¨pussy¨ for a man, you want a manly man. Most of women, this equality thing they push now a days….. it just go against nature.

      1. Hey ask any given mother fucker what they want me to do that i havent already done and why they ask questions when the answered are a moot point. There u go he said…. an empty meaninglrss comment who would u ask therevare four your judt a stand in you saw him like his apostle how long can we or i repeat myself into his grotto he loves so much. Integrity a lonly bussiness… no goddamn shit…. find him there are two… but only one….

        I saw you you acrobat…. pretending imsafe from u as the real ones want no part. Find them ask them where im at because id like to know…. fuck u all!!!

        The only thing these famous mother fuckers can tell me that i dont already know is there is a happy ending noone wants and im the only one who tried.

        Suicide is the answer.

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