1. Hey there Americana, nice to see you good and well frostier than me and most others.
      I´ll swing by later to see what has happened in your blog.
      But more important, happy to see you Frosty.

      1. Yeah yeah you missed me but I see in the gravatar another man that is not me! Good for you, hope you made the right choice with this guy, and if not….. I´m not a crazy ass assasin like some others, but fighting has been part of my whole life when need be and unfortunately I´m pretty good at it, point being if he gets out of order give me a ring, I´ll swim if need be, I am a bit crazy

      2. I Love You for your spirit, C. You might be a little crazy but I’d have you no other way. Stay Frosty, Gent. You’ll always be part of my cyber family. Forever.

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