fuck you(peom one)

I wanted to rhyme, but I will not commit this crime.

Stop following me people, am I that interesting?
You can give me your phone number to texting….
another rhyhe,
Now lets be serious, how many people are following me?
Believe it or not, actually is a not, it´s 3.078?
If I got that figure correct. I do promise and I do not know why,
I don´t pay attention to the statistics, followers, viewers,
I just write dumb shit, yet again,
humans are humans, what do I need to write dumb shit and publish,
publish….sounds right. Human nature.
I was going to make a very deep pi di di point,
and as i´m writing i´m hearing my next door roomate,
hooooot! is waking up after her last night, since i´m sure is her laaaaaast night.

Shit, and now I heaar she is calling his Italian boyfriend…Italian but it seems
she likes Spanish stallion, or greek stallion, or… just one of those.

So fuck you, got out off topic, I have….I´m drunk.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. You youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, how do you know I´m drunk, how do you know I´m not bullshiting, why? Because I was in the Spanish Legion I know…… na, you actually got me right, drunk as a skunk, also the legion shit, and also the fuck the fudky de fuck with the two roomates, there is a patern I have notice over the years, women are very perceptive about the very small things, sort off like a sniffing drug…..for mines that is 😉
      Love ya

      1. See, I knew it. You mentioned at the end of the post that you were drunk and now for certain cause as long as we’ve been friends, you’d never cuss back to me (or disrespect me) as a fellow army friend) until today.

      2. What are you crazy? I never cursed back at a women, that is a lie actually, they curse at me I actually I am ver calm when that type of things happen, I just let them go ¨off¨, then their crying and all the bs, by the way here is my last post as for today, I was sort of drunk though, and cursing…I was raised by my mother a great woman she is, she still helps me with food, go figure that one out…. so don´t bring me the guilt male disrespecting women or something like that, I know what I know, and I do know that is not that, apart from that I know I can also be a motherfucker if people push me, so I …. talking too much, just watch my GREAT POST AND TELL ME HOW GREAT I AM!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
        (actually maybe a bit too drunk, but I can still write)


      3. Yes, you are still a bit drunk. Remember that I’m your friend who likes your mother. She is a great person indeed! I hope she’s doing better than before.

      4. Holy, now I´m more ltan the other drunk and I Have no idea i go back to old army days, quite interesting.
        But give me this, I´m not in Street fights which i want now, but i write now, so is the medetation for no, go figure later, punk bitches this south american and muslim marrocans bitches, I do have two scars from them, i only gave them one, they were 5 or more took out the knife and cut him, you tell me, and this is no bullshit, if i was back in the legion, we destroy and kill ths punks, just criminals, selling hachish, marijuana, cocaine, just name it, but not in my door step

      5. Sometimes it’s more therapeutic to write your feelings than take actions which results in consequences. Keep writing. Take anything positive from the army and make it work for you and your supportive mom.

      6. You were obviously above me, so what would you do if I was right now in a US infatry unit, about to deploy, you know my fuck ups, what would you do as as the person in charge?

      7. Assign you a buddy to be responsible for your butt and report back to me every 4 hrs on your performance. You’d either straighten up or bench you. But hey I’m not in infantry. Never was or will be.

      8. I hit a liutenant, not a snack, but a real punch before we where deployed. We had used to be training with MY seargent EL TORO, strange name I know that, he saved me from prison, got me deployed and I got my men alife, he knew that, I´m a bad kiddo but when the shit hits the fan, you above me need me

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