i have a migraine,
suicide came to my brain,
last sunday,
was yesterday,
all sundays,
are every days,
got a migraine.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. I´m gonna answer to you, youuuuuuu! I did put a coctail of what seemed white sand,,,,so no the White sand hit my head and I´m all over the Little fucking room, plus writing, and shighting…I had to rhyme sorry, I feel vulnerable now, not cool, yet my decisión with consequences,
      i can´t relax…. although I´m actually pretty good at making me relax, again with consequences, what do I do? Go to the bar bellow my house? Might as well do that thing, now that I´m hiiiiiiiiiiiiigh as a kiiiiite,

      love ya, don´t angry with me, by the way I got to corporal, in a just six month then they demoted me to soldier first class, I love that name, so you are my superior and ……. just give a tour of the Pentagon, That would be quite nice.

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