add to my pain

I´m talking to you, I hope,
you understood.
no real hard expression when talking,
so I cope myself writting,
If I express myself in talking,
probably go to jail talking and hitting and alos greeting.
just life, crazy me…let it be.
You add to my pain, so no, relation regain.
Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Hi Charlie, i believe you remember me from gplus, fret not i first sighted you when you liked the sade song i posted… feel no pain. Have you ever seen a man break down? Anyway i never quite got a chance to become aquainted with you OR ANYONE! Thought i did once years ago with one turns out i wasnt the only one hacked slandered and threatened ….those three words seem to stalk me but thats common knowledge anymore. Anyhow, Surprised to see youve decided to follow me! Quite bold of you. Curious, lol, ive been here for a minute expressing my intrigue for your style of writing, what to so long…. ?

    1. Shit, that was a long comment and I have Little time now, what stuck with me ( while I´m dealing with my roomates) , the three words you said in that comment

      1. Sorry If I sounded harsh, olnly with women…. anyways, my problems are not for me to give to some eternity, solllll what was I commentingabout, sorry, worry, scrolly,

        love ya, have a great day

  2. Let me know if u still need a clue… i deosnt rhyme with blue… anything borrowed, ofcourse, right? something old, absolutely nothing too knew. So, you still like your coffee like you like your wemon…. twenty one years old with alot of insecurities that would put yours to shame have smelling like a saint!!!

  3. Tell you what… you fret not over those words… trust me i took brunt like noone ever has hopefully never will again… you have my email address use it! I like my roomates!!! One offered to my hero should i ever need one, one offered good honest perspective (perspective, perspective, not good to have words forced in your mouth) and simple awesomeness, sometimes our hardest working hero’s seem overlooked when there not… that leads me to my other favorite one who was ever so kind to be my villain, that was some of the best acting ive ever seen … i kicked the cunning calculating manipulative bitch out, last i check playing men and profiting off my misfortune… isnt an art… takes no talent… from what i can tell noone i know is impressed much inspired!

    I know how little i meant to you, oh little elusive one, you have no name here, however, you ripped off people of their valuable time,energy, blood sweat and tears, friendships… and that wasnt enough for you! Fuck me what i lost. Im sticking up for my heros…. they are priceless to me!

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