teaching how to kill

I live in a town, is not downtwow,
full of marrocan criminals,i have to become one of those animals,
to survive.
Funny, this idiot shows me a video in his cool cellphone,
him shooting, gangster he is. Laughing.
I asked him if he was targeting,
i know he is not obviously.
I looked at the pistol, Parabelum militers.
I used that in the army for a loooong time, just the side arm,
ask him how he use it, he tells me to pull the trigger,(funny in a sense of Q&A)
now I´m eager,
to show him.
Broke down how the pistol is reasembled and assembled, in front of his face,
including…if you want me to go
step by step it does take forever in a cool short poem,
fucking pistol women, bitchasses goes my poem.
Not the smartest thing for this young criminal to use and me to show him,
he is just talk, me,done with these idiots.
Once I started talking about the technechalities of it, not only about the weapon,
but how you move, stand, how you grasp that weapon, e.t.c. He went, O shit,
I dissuade him. For me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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