threatening the neighbor

I do call him “crazy ass”,
his laaaady has great ass.
He is a nutcase though,
I hear him all the day bro,
He made a mistake… and this is for me to take.
He fucked with my fathers Jaguar car,
I just went down to his house,
sneaking like a little mouse,
and heard his kids playing soccer,
I just couldn´t be that nasty sucker.
2 minutes goes by…here I hear his motorcicly,
I yell from my first floor window so not too far from the street,
If he got the beat,
“You had some problem with a Jaguar car?” My fathers that is, just in case you lost track.
“Not for now.” He responds.
“I hope so chief.”
My face and body language obviously translated my mischief.
You are not so cool to fuck around with my father idiot,
and I´m still hearing his fucked up kids playing….the whole day.
Might as well kick the fathers ass and the kids….just steal their soccer ball.
He thinks he is nuts, quite agressive this man, so he got a match now,
never fuck with my father you nut.
This is therapy. I was about to go down, but the cool idiot even seemed afraid,
but later he will do the pay for his dismay.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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