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I´m good at stream of consciousness, I just mind scream and let me begin,
Hero? I make fun of the army days if not I would be walking in some kind of dissmase,
where the fuck WordPress put the prooffread,prooff!! Kind of weird, I have to put more time
on this writing thing.
Hey!Army days, look at that photo of a hero so you are a zero.
I think I wrote it yesterday, but it is today another day.
I was a soldier first class, they upgraded me to Corporal in Afghanistan,
that place is a chant.
So in charge of 4 other guys, my guys. Love them.

I shot 3 guys, don´t know if I killed them or the other crazy´s under me finished them, I like that, Under, Under,
quite a responsibility really,taking care of my 4 crazies, and they for me, so we killed 3 idiots,
we had no body bags so the great military imagination of my lieutenant, which never went with us in a patrol,
he said put them in the car, we had a convoy of 5 VAMTACS( a shitty Spanish car trying to be a HUMBVEE)
So now I got 4 people in my car, my soldiers, plus two dead guests, the idiots we shot, so there we are,
staring at each other, staring at the dead idiots,pissed off, the heat is tremendous, the smell is great,
and we just started laughing, if you can´t find humour in those dramatic situations you are static, fucking
dead idiot I think he was still laughing, quite creepy really, but not un-really The liutenant,this guy…
You put two dead terrorist in my car, it was my car, and where did the other one go?
I wasn´t in good terms with him so he perpoussly put two fucking dead bodies, with their faces contorted,
smelling shit, he did that on purpose is my believe. But we had a laugh, sounds weird?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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