Kill the priest

8 a.m today, Sunday,
the church bells start going.
They are not a cool flowing,
every 15 minutes, 15 minutes!!!!
It brought the people together,
seemed it would not happen forever,
you can hear my voice and those neighbours.. ” shut the fuck up!”
I´m a catholic I love this Priest, but for crying out loud,
what´s with the bells?
I´m just thinking of killing my Priest or throwing myself out the window,
with a peaceful glow.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. 🤣the bells can really make you angry, now i know how to make you angry i just buy one and everytime when you will try to say something what i dont like i just shake the bell😁🤗

  2. Good morning, Sir. Do you mind if i ask you a question ? A bit irrelevant with your post, which is wonderful though and it means that someone has to check the bell mechanism.

    1. At the beginning of your comment I thought you were going to berate me,
      I have no clue who in the world is in charge of that thing, not cool living next to a church with so many bells at 15 freaking minutes belling! I still love my Priest. Jesus, the whole people living here where screaming to shut the thing off, I will re-do, myself the mechanism, and I bet the other neighbours will help. Just driving us nuts.

      1. I used to live next to a church, and i understand very well the “feeling”. Sometimes, i really liked the way they used to hit the bell, it was harmonical, and, of course, it had to do with the kind of litourgy during the Sundays. But sometimes, the bell mechanism was stuck, and the whole city was up, mad and crazy… And i think it is because it had a double function which was to remind people the time, too !

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